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COP 24


The Paris Agreement aims to limit the average temperature rise to 2°C compared to the pre-industrial era, and to reach a maximum of 1.5°C by 2100.

However, scientific studies now show that the MINUS exceeding by an additional half a degree above 1.5°C would cause an unprecedented runaway that would have dramatic consequences on the planet. For many scientists and practitioners, this limit will already be reached between 2030 and 2050. For experts, limiting the increase to 1.5°C means reducing CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030 and achieving "carbon neutrality" by 2050 - in other words, stopping IMMEDIATLY putting more CO2 into the atmosphere than can be removed.



At COP24, the challenge is to bring the Paris Agreement (COP21) to life!

The main blockage is the financing of the most vulnerable countries. Another major challenge is for countries to increase their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
For example, during the summit, Poland would like to show how neutrality in terms of CO2 emissions and its sequestration by soils and forests can be achieved.

In the margins of these negotiations, which will occupy the world's leading leaders for two weeks, civil society is mobilizing in Katowice to present and propose solutions to these global challenges. We, utopians, are one of those thousands of sustainable development soldiers who believe that change is necessary and possible at all costs, but that we should not wait any longer.



For this first public presentation of the Utopia concept in Katowice from 2 to 14 December,

we received the agreement to use a 180 m2 area in the "civil society" area. Our space will be located on the campus of the University of Katowice, a few steps from the International Forum.

Two containers will be installed and animated around the theme of sustainable entrepreneurship. Awareness exhibitions, discussions, concrete sustainability projects, events, daily podcasts of special guests, sustainable after-works …will animate Utopia Hot Spot during two weeks. We are looking forward to welcome visitors to discuss, meet, build, debate, dream together, learn, act together, and spending an inspiring and warm time with other passionate people!


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