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Green Entrepreneurship
and Innovation

Who we are

Utopia is the result of the teamwork of passionate entrepreneurs with varied and international backgrounds,

from five different countries. All have in common the same desire: to create a frame that allow everyone, in an increasingly virtual world, to rediscover a sense of exchange, to discover themselves and their environment, and to carry out their projects, with, at their core, SUSTAINABILITY.

Utopia International Association was born on October 18, 2018. Its members are currently composed of all the creators of the project, i.e. 21 entrepreneurs from Switzerland, Poland, Madagascar, Tunisia and France.


Our initiatives

The first move of Utopia International was to give birth to an international franchisable concept called UTOPIA WORLD: a multi-service eco-spot based on sustainability at its core. We are planning to open the first pilot project in 2019 in Valais, Switzerland.

Utopia's first major milestone is its public presentation at COP24. A global climate conference during which the Utopia team intends to be an added value around the reflections on sustainable entrepreneurship and public awareness. For this great occasion, institutional and private partners trusted us and will be with us or presented in Katowice between 2 and 14 December

From the conception of the project, we are working with students of the Team Academy, an approach that trains future entrepreneurs with innovative education methods and opportunities.

In Switzerland, we are developing partnerships with EPFL and HES-SO Valais-Wallis to collaborate on R&D projects in the fields of renewable energy.


Sustain - ability

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 represents the roadmap for humanity.

It concerns all countries: industrialized, developing and emerging. Addressing causes rather than symptoms, this agenda forces us out of the silo mentality. 17 interrelated objectives and 169 sub-objectives that apply to all countries. These are objectives that we promise to foster in all our actions.


Sustainable entrepreneurship

Since the dawn of industrialisation, the environment and our societies had always been sacrificed to the gods of competition,

cost-cutting and consumerism. So many forests were burned in the fires of industry to build our cities and homes. So many beautiful hills and mountains eroded for so called “precious” metals without taking any precautionary measures against floods and landslides that could destroy their lives and property nearby communities. We sacrificed our common goods for corporate benefit. This has been how businesses have worked so far. But today, the world itself is at stake.

Sustainable entrepreneurship intends to change how business and consumption have been so far.

It is the interest of investors, governments, and citizen to strengthen and support businesses and organizations that are both profitable AND create shared value, as opposed to one that is only profitable. When profit is not the ultimate goal but simply a measure of sustainability, then the benefits are amplified for employees, communities, cities, countries, the Planet.



The Utopia team has developed its own sustainability charter. In Utopia-World sites, all these aspects shall be covered and monitored.

ISO 14'001
Local employability
Lab 2.0 - innovation - project R&D
Positive environmental impact (value creation)
Short circuits supply chain
Circular economy
Smart mobility
Energy and water transition
Inclusion / healthy society
Responsible partners
4 seasons tourism
Sustainable infrastructure
Awareness of staff (including internal trainings) and visitors
Ecocook for F&B
Knowledge and respect of biodiversity presence around Utopia sites
Horizontal management / continuous improvement
Support, collaborations partnerships and projects that foster local green entrepreneurship projects around the world