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A sustainable
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Utopia Village

Utopia Village is the first project launched and operated by members of our NGO and a larger community of global entrepreneurs and investors. Utopia Village is a start-up adventure addressing the increasing needs for sustainable solutions in tourism and workplaces worldwide.

The world is getting increasingly aware of the highly negative impact of mass tourism, as well as the need for affordable and sustainable solutions for accommodation and workplaces. Therefore we developed an integrated concept of sustainable container based multifunctional villages, where you can work, socialize, practice sports and discover local sports, food and culture.

Our values are those of sustainability, local development, innovation and empowerment; Therefore Utopia Villages will focus on local sourcing, provide local eco-friendly mobility solutions, and promotion of sports and cultural activities in line with local values and respectful of nature and biodiversity.

Check our website: and contact us at: if you want to know more.


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